Valentin Resseguier

Position & Research areas

I am a permanent researcher ("chargé de recherche") in ACTA team of UR Opaale (INRAE).

To better constraint and explain data-based algorithms (e.g., data assimilation, Bayesian inference, machine learning), I tie priors to physics. Although statistical physics propose stochastic processes to be used as priors, many real systems hardly accommodate with some usual statistical simplifications (e.g., stationarity, delta-correlation). Therefore, my framework stands halfway between analytic stochastic descriptions and heavy numerical simulations. I rely on turbulence multiscale decomposition and stochastic transport. This framework is applied to wave-turbulence interactions and model errors quantification for data assimilation in geophysical fluid mechanics and reduced order models. I have also studied mixing analysis from both deterministic and stochastic points of view.

I am applying these methodologies to antifreeze tower, wind turbines, sailing, airborne systems, swells and ocean modeling, and pollutant leak detection, using e.g. data assimilation.


Poster in conference "Complex systems, statistical mechanics and machine learning crossover" 2024
in Memory of Giovanni Paladin
in Les Houches