Background & Awards


After my A-level in 2008 and two years of preparatory courses, I entered in the Grande Ecole called CentraleSupelec in Gif-sur-Yvette (France). During the third and last year, I specialized in applied mathematics, statistics and signal processing and obtain a double diploma: Supelec Engineer and M.Sc ATSI from Paris Sud university. From 2013 to 2017, I have done a PhD about stochastic fluid dynamics models, both in the Fluminance team at Inria in Rennes and in the LOPS (spatial and physical oceanography laboratory) at IFREMER in Plouzane (France). In 2017, I have collaborated with the Laboratorio de Fluidodinámica (Buenos Aires, Argentina), the team of Darryl D. Holm in Imperial College (London, UK) and Baylor Fox-Kemper in Brown university (Providence, RI, USA). Since 2018, I have a permanent scienific officer position in the lab of the Scalian Group (Rennes, France).


  • Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society - Group for the Advancement of Engineering Numerical Methods (SMAI-GAMNI) Award 2018 (French ECCOMAS Award). [Award website]

  • ECCOMAS PhD Olympiad 2018 Best Presentation. [Award website]